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Deerma VC25 Wireless / Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Ultra Light Handheld Vacuum - 0.7L Dustbin and 2 Suction Power
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Price RM412.50
Product SKU DM VC25
Brand Deerma
Size (L x W x H) 81 cm x 27 cm x 66 cm
Availability 370
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  • Wireless design
  • Lightweight
  •  Large capacity dust tank
  •  Built-in 2200mAh large-capacity battery,
  • 35min endurance
  • Rotatable Floor Brush at 90-degree vertically & 180-degree horizontally

• Wireless design
• Lightweight
• Various applications: Suitable for cleaning floor, sofa, ceiling, car & etc
• Low noise suction using new technology composite multi-layer silencer reduce noise
• Large capacity dust tank: Can meet the needs of large area cleaning
• 2 levels of suction for you to select, suitable for different household cleaning needs
• Built-in 2200mAh large-capacity battery, 35min endurance after a single charge, suitable for 120 large house
• floor brush can be rotated at 90-degree vertically and 180-degree horizontally, easy to deal with the wall corner or sofa bottom

• The power motor is upgraded with a dual-air blade structure, which increases the vacuum by 66%  at the same power, reaching a 10kPa suction power, lightning to suck out large and small dust and garbage, and a bright and clean home
• The handle between the motor and the battery is designed with an inclination angle of 60°, which can reduce the weight of the hand when vacuuming and reduce the labor intensity 
• Equipped with a small triangular brush and a 2-in-1 slot nozzle, it can be used to clean the corners of the home, and can also be turned into a car vacuum cleaner
•  There is no power cord, which can be used immediately after charging. You can take it and suck it all over the room without restriction. The bedroom, living room, study, etc
• The floor brush has a built-in electric motor, which can rotate 2500 times a minute. With the spiral scraper and bristles, the floor gap and carpet dust are no longer a clean blind spot
• The main engine forms a clever "H" shape. The center of gravity of the whole machine is shifted. It is easy to push and lift, and the whole house is deeply dedusted

• Rated voltage: 21.6V
• Rated power: 150W
• Charging voltage: 27V
• Charging current: 1000mA
• Li-lion battery: 2200mAh
• Charging time: 3h
• Dustbin capacity: 0.7L
• Noise: 80dB and less
• Suction force: 6 kPa (standard level), 10 kPa (high level)
• Endurance time: 35min (standard level), 20min (high level)
• Product Size: 235 x 295 x 1145mm

What's In the Box:
• 1 x Main Machine 
• 1 x Dust Bin/Box
• 1 x Long Connection Tube
• 1 x Sweeper Rolled 
• 1 x Flat Nozzle
• 1 x Triangle Small Brush
• 1 x Charger 
• 1 x Manual Book
• 1 x Free Adapter

Friendly Reminder:
•••Please make sure the filter between the motor is always clean from dust blockage to avoid overheating & low suction•••
•••Please do not use the machine outside or in wet places. Do not grasp the machine with wet hands•••
•••When using, keep hair, clothes, fingers and all body parts away from the suction and movable parts to avoid being sucked or tangled•••
•••Please pay more special attention to the safety if there are children on the side when ever using or not using the machine•••
•••Please do not suck any large objects into the vacuum suction mouth, as it cause suction mouth blocked••• 
•••Please turn off the machine power before do connecting or changing accessories•••

"Deerma Boutique Life Electrical"
The Trusted & Reliable Brand Deerma Malaysia Original Product!


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1 reviews
What's in the box
  • 1 x Main Machine 
  • 1 x Dust Bin/Box
  • 1 x Long Connection Tube
  • 1 x Sweeper Rolled 
  • 1 x Flat Nozzle
  • 1 x Triangle Small Brush
  • 1 x Charger 
  • 1 x Manual Book
  • 1 x Free Adapter