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Deerma VC20 PLUS NEW Wireless Cordless Vacuum Handheld Cleaner (White)
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Brand Deerma
Size (L x W x H) 77 cm x 21 cm x 17 cm
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  • **New batch Stock Vacuum cannot stand 
  • Wireless design 
  • Lightweight
  • Deep cleaning
  • Electric soft ground roller brush & multiple brush heads
  • Long battery life BMS Battery Management
  • Large capacity dust tank
  • Two modes design
  • Low noise
  • Multiple cyclone filtration tower

Deerma VC20 PLUS NEW Wireless Vacuum Handheld Cleaner (White)

***2019 Germany iF Design Award***

The design of Deerma Wireless Vacuum Cleaner is simple and rigorous, and its industrial design are full of ingenuity and have been recognized by the international iF award.



There are always some gaps in the floor that make you feel headache. It's time to throw away the broom and upgrade the cleaning tool to a Deerma Ultra-light cordless vacuum cleaner, so that you can clean your home completely.Cleaning Can Also Take A Long Step

Enough of the change the charging dock, place the cable of the wired vacuum.Get rid of the power cord, and then freely move around in the home to vacuum, striding forward.Seeing is believing,easily suck up two bowling balls Keep your hands light and effortless whenn you take it, and your child at home can easily lift up and let him be your cleaning support! Hold high and low vacuum to enjoy the fun.Lighter than 3 cans of Coca Cola

Reduce the volume and weight of motor, core and packaging structure, and the main unit is less than 1kg, so it is easy to clean.Still having a headache for clean high places? Cleaning at high places is no longer out of reach, ultra-light cordless vacuum cleaner come to help! Install the tube, reach the ceiling easilyWith a ultra-light cordless vacuum cleaner, completely clean the corner and gap, rotatable brush can reach the corner easily.Stretch into the bottom of the bed / sofa bottom / table bottom

At the bottom of the furniture you have neglected, there is already a thick layer of dust! Clean it with a ultra-light cacuum cleaner, and the dust will be swept away.A low center of gravity cooperated with the stuck position of floor brush, you can also release your hands while you are vacuuming. By the way, you can arrange the messy desktop. It can be safely and conveniently placedFloor brush for 3,000 times in 1 minute.

The electric soft brush is driven by an independent motor and is brushed 3,000 times in 1 minute, which is impossible to achieve by hand cleaning.The hair and pet hair are easy to clean,and the brand new anti-winding comb structure. The hair on the roller brush will combed off while sucking, so it is not necessary to spend more time to cleaning after the dust is finished.Turn into the car vacuum cleaner at any time, no power cord to clean the car freely. Happy to take it to the garage or outdoors, do a completely cleaning for your car!Who said that the vacuum cleaner can only clean the ground?

It can clean a variety of furnitures surface, desktop, sofa, cabinets and so on. The garbage on the table, the particles in the sofa gap can be cleaned.1_30Developed a new type of internal cyclone filtration method. The large centrifugal force separates the dust from the air. The dust and garbage are locked in the cup, and the air is filtered again by HEPA and then exhaust it. There is no secondary pollution.Fully charged can use 22 minutes

Charging once is enough to sweep the living room, bedroom, study, etc., to be a good companion for large-sized, duplex apartments.


• Wireless design

• Lightweight

• Deep cleaning: Practical filtering way as it provides more efficient cleaning effect

• Electric soft ground roller brush & multiple brush heads: You can replace the brush head as needed

• Long battery life by BMS Battery Management: It has built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with strong endurance and long service life

• Two modes design: For efficient and thorough cleaning in different occasions, easy to meet different needs

• Large capacity dust tank: Can meet the needs of large area cleaning

• Low noise suction using new technology composite multi-layer silencer reduce noise

• Multiple cyclone filtration tower: Separates dust and air with clean dust particles

• Various applications: Suitable for cleaning floor, sofa, ceiling, car & etc



•Model: VC20PLUS

•Rated voltage: 14.4V

•Rated power: 150W

•Battery capacity: 2200mAh

•Dust tank capacity: 0.6L

•Time of endurance: 22 minutes (standard mode), 15 minutes (strong suction mode)

•Charging: About 4h

•Noise: 75dB and less

•Suction: 5kPa (standard mode), 8kPa (strong suction mode)

•Material: ABS, PC

•Product Dimension: (L x W x H): 115.00 x 23.50 x 17.50 cm / 45.28 x 9.25 x 6.89 inches

•Package weight: 1.863 kg


• Deerma Wireless Vacuum VC20 PLUS is Modular design with 3 different brush help to clean hard reached dust area in the house and is easy to combine as needed. It also comes with free electric soft brush, 2-in-1 slot nozzle and small corner brush.

• Deerma Wireless VC20 PLUS Vacuum is Two-in-one crevice nozzle Flat suction. The flat suction mode goes deep into the crevice and clears the long-lasting dust. Two-in-one crevice nozzle, easy push to switch brush mode and clean every gap Small corner with brush. It is 60° flexible rotation, fitting wall edges and cabinet feet. Electric soft ground brush can help to clean floor tiles, floors, carpets and it no needs to replace.

• Deerma Wireless Vacuum VC20 PLUS is really Lightweight and Portable which u can switch to a portable handheld mode and clean the car seat dust, carpet dust, and snacks in the car. Keep your car clean and tidy. Keep your car tidy and make your trip more enjoyable.

• The new low center of gravity design allows you to free your hands on the way while vacuuming.

• 3000RPM Electric soft ground brush. The electric soft ground brush has an independent motor drive, brushing 3000 times a minute, and deep cleaning the dust on the floor or carpet gap.

• The bristles are slim and flexible and will not scratch the floor carpet.

• Anti-winding comb structure where the suction mouth has a special comb tooth structure. When working, the hair on the roller brush is separated while sucking dust, so that the hair and the pet hair will not be entangled in the brush, and it is not necessary to clean the brush after the vacuuming is finished, which is convenient and efficient.

• Internal cyclone filtration system. The new cyclone air filtration design combines the large centrifugal force separates the dust and air, and then air will be filtered again by HEPA, so the air can be kept clean.

• Smart battery management with continuous cleaning up to 120 Square meter. Intelligent monitoring of the real time operating status of each battery, make the battery loss to a lower degree, and extend the battery life. Charging once provides 30 minutes of battery life.

• Deerma uses 19.5 mm multilayer sound-absorbing cotton, 360° wrapped motor sound source, and uses micro-porous structure to absorb and filter high-frequency noise, making the working sound of the vacuum cleaner soft and not harsh. Even if the baby is playing next to it, it will not be affected.

•••New Batch stock of VC20 PLUS is unable to Self Stand•••

Friendly Reminder:

•••Please make sure the filter between the motor is always clean from dust blockage to avoid overheating & low suction•••

•••Please do not use the machine outside or in wet places. Do not grasp the machine with wet hands•••

•••When using, keep hair, clothes, fingers and all body parts away from the suction and movable parts to avoid being sucked or tangled•••

•••Please pay more special attention to the safety if there are children on the side when ever using or not using the machine•••

•••Please do not suck any large objects into the vacuum suction mouth, as it cause suction mouth blocked•••

•••Please turn off the machine power before do connecting or changing accessories•••

"Deerma Boutique Life Electrical"

The Trusted & Reliable Brand Deerma Malaysia Original Product!

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What's in the box

Package Included in box:
1* Long Tube
1* Main Machine
1* Electric soft ground brush
1* User Manual
1* 2-in-1 crevice nozzle
1* Small corner brush
1* Charger